The EMOB-ing will continue until the morale of the crew improves!

On the night of June 9, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting part one of The Ropes to Skip, with one of the key takeaways being the importance of impression management, realizing that whether you’re trying to not you are making an impression on people, sending a message and building a brand in the workplace. This series of chapters also covered the importance of taking care of the people who are taking care of you; subjective measures to gauge whether employees are working hard, such as “presenteeism;” how critical it is to understand your audience and do your homework first before making an important presentation; and the concept of paying your dues.

Our EMOB exercise was a role-playing exercise called Change of Work Procedures, with the purpose of diagnosing and overcoming resistance to change, making the distinction between the quality of the decision and how well accepted that decision is in the workplace, and providing an opportunity to practice participative decision-making. I got to play the employee Walters, who works with two other colleagues on an assembly job and is at odds with recommendations for management to change the procedures  of the workplace.


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